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We offer you tailor-made financial solutions for purchasing cars, commercial vehicles, transport vehicles and equipment. Whether you choose to buy a new car or a pre-owned one, we offer you the perfect solution for you or your business!

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  • New Cars Do you want a new car? Or maybe you want to renew your car fleet?
    We offer you financing solutions that are tailor-made for you or your business, for all cars, commercial vehicles or passenger vehicles.
  • Used Cars With Tiriac Leasing you can obtain financing for any used cars, commercial vehicles or passenger vehicles.
    Depending on the needs of your business, we can offer you a financial lease agreement for cars, vehicles used for domestic and international transport, such as trucks, trailers, semi-trailers and buses.
  • Equipment Do you need financing for your business? Apply for a lease agreement. We offer competitive financing solutions for any kind of equipment: agricultural, constructions, production or medical equipment, machinery for the food or wood processing industry.


Full range of consulting services for any kind of customer, individual, licensed individual or legal entity.

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In addition to financing, Tiriac Leasing offers you a full service package, covering our entire cooperation, starting with the offer presentation, continuing during contract performance until the item becomes your property.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Advice in choosing the best option and terms for financing, tailor-made for the specific needs of each customer;
  • Advice during the performance of the lease agreement with respect to invoices, payments, changes that may be made to lease agreements;
  • Advice in cases of vehicle damage, travelling abroad etc.


Choose the insurance consultancy service provided by Tiriac Leasing.

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Tiriac Leasing gives you the possibility to choose the right insurer and policy, by placing the services from the major insurance companies in the Romanian market at your disposal.

Because we know how important the safety of your car is for you, we provide lower insurance costs, competitive offers, comfort and efficiency.

Benefit from transparent offers, consultancy throughout the contract term, quick procedures, assistance in case of damage and the possibility to automatically create a power of attorney for damages.

The premium rates for the policies that are intermediated by Tiriac Leasing are negotiated with the insurers to be advantageous for you.

Currently we provide services from five insurance companies:

  • Allianz Tiriac Asigurari SA
  • Generali Romania Asigurare Reasigurare SA
  • Groupama Asigurari SA
  • Omniasig Vienna Insurance Group SA
  • Uniqa Asigurari SA


Tiriac Leasing - Subordinated insurance broker

Unique Identification Code: RAJ-58380

Headquarters: Strada Constantin Brâncusi nr. 74-76, Cluj-Napoca, jud. Cluj, VAT code RO 12351919, Bucharest

Branch: Calea Giulesti nr 6-8, Sector 6, 060274 Bucharest

  • List of advisors

    Delia Zotta

    Tel.: 0741.333.617
    E-mail: delia.zotta@tiriacelasing.ro

    Alina Potcolin

    Tel.: 0741.333.641

    Diana Bucur

    Tel.: 0741.333.648
    E-mail : diana.bucur@tiriacleasing.ro

    Luminita Gherlagiu

    Tel.: 0741.333.624
    E-mail : luminita.gherlagiu@tiriacleasing.ro

    Simona Balan

    Tel.: 0754.078.610
    E-mail : simona.balan@tiriacleasing.ro


Vehicle registration

In addition to financing, Tiriac Leasing offers you a full service package


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In addition to financing, Tiriac Leasing offers you a full service package, including logistics services such as the registration of purchased vehicles, fulfilling customs formalities for the purchased vehicles and equipment, and assistance for the type approval for the purchased vehicles.

You obtain the registration of the purchased vehicles under the lease agreements after completing the following stages:

  • The necessary documents are received from the supplier;
  • The user opens the fiscal entry for the vehicle under the lease agreement with the applicable Local Directorate for Local Taxes and Duties (DITL);
  • The user receives the vehicle registration sheet with the sanction from DITL after the fiscal entry is opened;
  • The fees for the registration operation are paid.

Customer Support

In order to facilitate communication during the period of the lease agreement, we provide a portal on our website, available with your personal username and password.

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The portal allows Tiriac Leasing customers to view current information and the history of ongoing lease agreements and to quickly access various support services:

  • You can download invoices (the service is available 24 hours after the invoices are issued);
  • You can check the issued invoices and history of payments;
  • Access the payment schedule for the contract;
  • Edit the personal contact data: telephone number, e-mail address, postal address;
  • Quickly access specific forms: power of attorney to use vehicle outside the country, power of attorney for representation in case of damage.


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