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Standard Financing

Financing solutions that are right for you.

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Standard Financing terms

  • Financing period: 12-60 months
  • Minimum down payment:* 15%
  • Granting fee: ** 2.5%
  • The residual value can be between 0% and 20%

* The standard offer may vary depending on any special offers that are applicable when the financing application is submitted

** The minimum down payment and granting fee may vary depending on the applicant’s financial standing

The interest is variable, calculated according to the EURIBOR 3M index plus margin. The age of the vehicle subject to financing may not exceed 7 years at the end of the lease agreement.

Quick Financing

 Simplified review and quick answer

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This product is specially designed for customers that are legal entities and licensed individuals.

The goods that can be financed under this product are both new and previously owned vehicles.

Product features:

  • For new vehicles, 15% minimum down payment, over a maximum period of 60 months;
  • For previously owned vehicles, 20% minimum down payment, with the age of the vehicle at the end of the lease period 84 months.

Startup Financing

Sometimes you need a little help for your business.

Tiriac Leasing gives you this help through our startup financing plan.

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This product is intended for newly-established legal entities or licensed individuals that wish to purchase new vehicles from authorized dealers.


  • The company must be at least 2 months old;
  • Minimum down payment is 35% of the contract value;
  • Maximum financing period is 60 months;
  • Residual value is 0%.

Residual Financing

This product is specially designed for legal entities and licensed individuals that need low monthly instalments

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The product is intended for legal entities and licensed individuals that want to purchase a new car from authorized dealers and would prefer to pay minimum instalments during the lease agreement. Moreover, the product offers to its clients at the end of the agreement the opportunity to choose between purchasing the car, returning it or extending the contract for a further 2 years.

Product features:

  • Minimum down payment of 20%;
  • Maximum contract period of 60 months;
  • Maximum residual value of 40%.

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